Outdoor Learning



KS1 Outdoor Learning


Natural resource images

After reading the story of Leafman, children used different natural resources to create their own leaf creatures and characters.



Going on a Leaf Hunt!

We explored the outside area and went on a treasure hunt to find, identify and sort different leaves.  We found lots – Holly, Sycamore and Birch leaves!


Investigating minibeasts

To answer the question ‘How many different minibeasts live in our outside area?’, children in Pine class went on a minibeast hunt around the school field and took part in pond-dipping.  We discovered 11 different types of minibeasts in our school.


Shelters for Beegu

After reading the story Beegu, children from Beech class used natural resources to make a home for Beegu.  We thought carefully about how to make the structure stable and what features a den would need to have to keep Beegu safe and comfortable.


Sorting natural resources

Children in Maple class explored natural resources  in the KS1 playground and sorted the resources into Venn diagrams according to their properties.



KS2 Outdoor Learning


Christmas Outdoor Learning in Elm Class

Children used natural resources found in the KS2 field to create Christmas wreaths and Christmas reindeer ornaments.




Year 3 Outdoor Learning



Natural resource images

Children in Year 3 created images of story characters using a variety of natural resources they could find on the school field.  We carefully considered the properties of the story character and the properties of the natural resources they collected to build up their images.




Calculating the age of trees

We used our mathematical skills of measuring, multiplying and recording in  a table to calculate and record the ages of trees on our school field, determining the oldest and youngest tree.



Hibernation Shelters

Year 3 created considered the properties of a good den (to be waterproof, windproof, stable, cosy and comfortable), then used resources to create hibernation shelters for animals on the school grounds.