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Our School Governing Body is responsible for making decisions about how the work of the school is run. All governing bodies have certain obligations, legal duties, powers and responsibilities. The Full Governing Body meet five times a year but in addition to these meetings, governors also sit on sub-committees that report to the Full Governing Body. These committees are Curriculum and Standards; Staffing and Communication and Premises and Finance. Our Governing Body includes the following people:

Financial Information

Please note that we do not have any employees with a gross annual salary of more than £100,000.

Name Category Appointing Body Current Term of Office Committee Membership Additional Responsibilities Business &  Pecuniary Interests Governor At Another Educational Establishment Relationships With Staff Members, Students Or Other Members Of Governing Board Attendance
Sandra Allen Chair of Governors Co-opted Governor Governing Board 21/11/22-20/11/24 All Inclusion, Safeguarding, Attendance, HTPM   No   FGB 5/5   F&P 3/3  L&S 2/2   S&C 3/3   Pay 1/1
Carol Bond Head Teacher Ex Officio Governor 15/9/20 All   Member of Staff     FGB 5/5   F&P 3/3   L&S 2/2   S&C 3/3   
Rosie Griffiths Staff Governor Staff 24/5/21-23/5/23     Member of Staff     FGB 5/5   F&P 2/2
Balbinder Singh Co-opted Governor Governing Board 24/1/22-23/1/24 Premises & 
      Child at Elm Park FGB 2/2  F&P 1/1
Nicola Allaouat Co-opted Governor Governing Board 23/11/22 -22/11/24  Learning and Standards    Staffing Website Communication  Co Chair Staffing Committee   No Cousin with a child at school FGB 5/5   L&S 2/2  S&C 3/3    Pay 1/1
Kathryn Turton Parent Governor Parents 6/12/21-5/12/24         Child at Elm Park FGB 3/3  S&C 2/2
Caitlin Bragg Co-opted Governor Governing Board 28/9/22-29/9/24 Premises & Finance Additional funding & catch up       FGB 5/5  F&P 2/2  S&C 1/2
Tracy Lenzy Co-opted Governor Governing Board 13/7/22-12/7/24 Staffing HTPM       FGB 2/5  S&C 3/3    Pay 1/1
Jason Walker   Vice Chair Parent Governor Parents 26/06/22-22/06/25 Premises & Finance    (Vice Chair) STEM           Health & Safety   No 2 Children at Elm Park FGB 5/5    F&P 3/3 
Vacancy  Local Authority Governor LEA              
David Drew Co-opted Governor   23/5/23-22/5/25 Premise & Finance             New build         HTPM   No   FGB 4/5  F&P   1/3  
Vicky Drew Co-opted Governor Governing Board 21/11/22-20/11/24 Standards & Lettings     No   FGB 2/5  L&S 2/2